My name is Shigehiro. Im Hiro, but not your Hero.  Sorry for a boring joke. Please bear with me. Many thanks for stopping by this site.

I am an explorer, football fanatic, and idealist.  Travel and football, have totally transformed my life.

I was born in Tokyo and spent almost all my life here except studying football business in the UK (MBA).  I had no ambition for the first 18 years but my ex-girlfriend at that time suggested traveling abroad together. Since I stepped outside Japan, I have been blown away by people, scenery, culture, foods and anything around the world. 

Since then, I decided to work as global sales which requires you to travel abroad. But reality was not that easy.  I couldt speak in English properly and needed to enhance my English ability. I made a strenuous effort for it and got sort of my dream job.

As I expected, I needed to travel a lot. Traveling around the world was simply exhilarating.  I travelled even on holidays. Over the course of my life, I have visited more than 35 countries with a different type of travel such as CouchSurfing, Air BnB, hostels, luxury hotels, even sleeping in the park. I have spent time together with more than 45 nationalities.

Travel and football have given me the opportunities to explore my life even further.

In terms of my job, I also involved in a large project. I initiated 1 billion USD project with the government (Please refer to Bloomberg site In a private life, I got a ticket for 2014 FIFA World Cup final in Brazil. Consequently, I left behind a corporate job and decided to study football business in the UK.

I have created my life around travel and football- where it is full of adventure, passion, and dream with the connection to the world : Life Of Leisure.

About Life of Leisure

Why do you travel? Whats your aim? As for me, I don’t travel like simply going to tourist places in every city. I like to enjoy talking to local people, finding my own cozy places in local areas, and eating local foods. I like the proverb ‘Do as Romans do’. Maybe you could encounter troubles by trying new things apart from daily life. But these could become a part of your travel story. In my perspective,  you need to embrace good and bad. That makes your travel even more special and exciting.

Life of Leisure is a platform that connects with explorers and expands your new horizons with my tips that I have learned over the course of my life. Hope it works.

Tokyo is very complicated. I have voluntarily guided my friends or friends of friends in Tokyo these days. I wonder that expanding the network beyond friends is not that bad idea. 

Why do you decided to travel to Tokyo ? Because you like to eat sushi? Or enjoy anime cultureLost in translation? Maybe I can assist you in fulfilling your wish during your trip. Everyone deserves to enjoy what you want to do.

I would be happy if I could support you to some extent.

Many thanks. Ciao!!