Japanese food

If I ask people about what Japanese food is, most people always say
Sushi. But more than that. These days Ramen (noodle) has been booming not only in Japan but also the United States. Do you know many types of flavors? Also I am going to introduce other Japanese foods here.

Traditionally, basic types of soup for ramen are soy sauce, salt and miso. There are also regional variations. Tonkotsu ramen (stock based on pork bone) among those variations used to be very popular. Some Tonkotsu ramen has a very thick soup. But Nowadays people tend to like healthy ramen such as soup stock based on chicken or clam. I prefer a light ramen based on clam and Tsukemen. Tsukemen is served with noodles(hot or cold) and soup separtely.  You put/dip noodles into soup by yourself.

Japanese Fast Food
Typical Japanese Fast Food is 牛丼 (Gyudon). This is beef bowl consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce. 吉野家 (Yoshinoya) is one of the most famous franchises. Price ranges from about 400 yen with regular size.

I assume you can face 丼(don) many times. Basically it means bowl of rice topped with something. Other examples here 天丼(Tendon) with tempura , かつ丼(Katsudon) with pork cutlet.

Soba (Noodle) is also a Japanese Fast Food, especially for business men. It is made from buckwheat flour or combination of buckwheat and wheat flours.  You can find standing Soba shops next to train stations. The way of eating cold soba is more or less similar to one of Tsukemen. The way of eating hot soba is same as ramen.

Lunch Time
You can eat a very good food with a reasonable price (Mostly 1,000 yen +-/ ~2,000 yen ) at lunchtime on weekdays. Many restaurants offer a reasonable lunch set menu. Better to try a good restaurant instead of McDonald’s or other fast food.